Skills named Khorkina

Svetlana Khorkina Uneven Bars World Championships 2003

Svetlana Khorkina is the gymnast with the highest number of skills named after her. She has 7 skills, two on vault, two on uneven bars, two on beam and one on floor, plus one named after her and another gymnast, Amy Chow! Here you will find a video montage of all the Khorkina and for all of these skills a picture describing it image per image. If you notice anything wrong on this page, please contact me.

Khorkina's skills in video

Khorkina's skills in picture

Khorkina's skills in video

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Khorkina's skills in picture

Vault - Khorkina 1
(round-off, flic-flac with ½ turn on, ½ turn piked back salto off)
Svetlana Khorkina Vault 1

Vault - Khorkina 2
(round-off flic-flac with ½ turn on, tucked forward salto with 1½ twist off)
Svetlana Khorkina Vault 2

Uneven bars - Khorkina 1
(Markelov release)
Svetlana Khorkina Uneven Bars 1

Uneven bars - Khorkina 2
(Shaposchnikova with ½ turn)
Svetlana Khorkina Uneven Bars 2

Uneven bars - Khorkina/Chow
(Stalder with 1½ pirouette)
Svetlana Khorkina Uneven Bars 3

Balance Beam - Khorkina 1
(gainer flic-flac with a full twist)
Svetlana Khorkina Balance Beam 1

Balance Beam - Khorkina 2
(gainer 2½ twist dismount)
Svetlana Khorkina Balance Beam 2

Floor - Khorkina
(1½ turn in horizontal plan to land in front support)
Svetlana Khorkina Floor